Mark Davis is the founder and owner of Xtreme Environmental Solutions, a firm dedicated to saving food businesses money on their waste removal expenses. With one phone call you might be able to save thousands of dollars per year on your trash removal.

Discover why some of the biggest names in our industry rely on Mark to reduce their expenses. Even if you think you have the lowest price, it's worth a call.

He only gets paid if he can save you money.

Xtreme Environmental Solutions' owners Mark Davis and wife Lori recently helped plan and attended the annual fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Ronald McDonald House program provides a "home-away-from-home" for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost. Their Houses are built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on healing their child. To support this fine charity, visit www.rmhccni.org.

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As the Area Supervisor of the Aucunas Organization McDonald's franchises, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Mark Davis from Xtreme Environmental Solutions for your waste disposal and consolidation needs.

Mark has only been helping us with our waste needs since November of2007. With Mark's hard work and dedication he has already reduced our monthly cost at our Hickory Hills location by 46% and at our Oak Lawn location by 63%! While reducing our waste cost Mark has improved our recycling program. In addition, Mark has taken the hassle of waste issues off our hands. Our Management Team has always been well informed of changes which have made for a smooth transition to waste reduction.

Mark went above and beyond his duties as a waste consultant when he personally removed a heavy wooden door that a waste hauler refused to pick up! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mark

I strongly recommend Mark for all of your Waste disposal and consolidation needs.

Bonnie Hovanec
Area Supervisor
Aucunas 0rganization

I have been asked to write this letter in reference to Xtreme Environmental Solutions and the company's effectiveness and success for my business.

As some of you may know, I own five locations, four of which are freestanding stores. Two are in the Joliet area, one in Braidwood and the last in Coal City. I am very dedicated to my stores. In 2010, with the cost of fuel and overall momentum of the economy my former waste services company was charging me a monthly fee in excess of 600.00 a month for one Joliet location, and 650.00 for the other location. The difference? An item line labeled "fuel cost". My conversations with the representatives were the same scripted apologies, "The distance between your location and the dumping site is what is determined to calculate the cost of fuel…". Not to mention that they did not have a clue as to what my business needed for their waste capacity units, or the best pick-up schedule for each location. I was given a general idea of what I may need, both in storage and pick-up.

Mark Davis came in and changed all that in record time. He handled the contract that was still standing with the former company; he visited each store, spoke to the managers and worked out some numbers for waste containers suitable for each location, and hashed out a schedule that allowed me to maintain a cleaner lot and happier customers. One specifically since her home shares a fence with my waste corral and had complained quite often of the loose debris that would fall over to her property.

Xtreme Enviromental takes matters seriously and on a one-to-one level. All the managers are free to call him should a matter arise, and it has, but he has acted promptly and the solution quickly found. Both he and I are clear that I do not want to save money and receive lousy service, but I am looking to actively involve myself in the needs of my business and work with someone who has the know-how.

Bottom line, I have saved 50-60% at every one of my stores. And I like those numbers.

Mark has also been kind enough to help me on a pro-bono matter. I sit on the Board of a community center and he was able to take a look at the center's waste services and reduced the cost there significantly. This helps in a tremendous way as of course the center is non-profit and needs to be conservative on its costs.

I am open to speaking to any of you who have questions or concerns. As I also look forward to continuing with the services that Xtreme Environmental Solutions has to offer.

Hugo Vargas
President / Owner

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mark Davis from Xtreme Environmental Solutions. Mark has taken care of all our waste and recycling issues. He has recognized many insufficiencies in our waste program and has negotiated with the waste haulers to significantly lower our prices. Mark was able to remove the recycle bins in our parking lot by better organizing our corral. Since Mark has been involved in our waste program we have seen substantial credits for overcharges and missed pickups.

Not only has Mark done a great job working with us and providing a smooth transition during each change he has also become a very good friend. I highly recommend Xtreme Environmental Solutions for all your waste and recycling needs.

Bryan Consolo
Owner / Operator

We have been working with Xtreme Environmental Solutions to coordinate and manage our trash and recycling needs at all 6 of our locations for several years and we could not be happier with the results!

The service and support that we receive from Mark Davis and his staff is second to none. Not only did they initially analyze and create a customized plan for each of our restaurants, but they also continue to monitor, communicate with our General Manager and perform actual on site visits to ensure that we are always optimizing our trash and recycling costs.

The service that is provided by Xtreme Environmental Services allows us to enjoy savings each and every month, which results in thousands of dollars of savings to my Company each year. Based on their professionalism and outstanding service and support, I highly recommend Xtreme Environmental Solutions!

John Carnagio

It is my pleasure to write this letter in regards to Mark Davis and Xtreme Environmental Solutions. Before Mark took over my waste management I was very skeptical and didn't think there would be much savings especially the locations I purchased from McOpCo. Surprisingly Mark was able to produce significant savings at all my locations including the Corporate McDonalds owned locations. Mark has increased our recycling and made our program more efficient. He has now approached us to set up a program inside the restaurant and recycle more than just cardboard.

Mark has offered numerous times to speak at managers meetings and offered to train on proper techniques for waste disposal and recycling. Mark definitely goes above and beyond any customer service I have seen. We had an incident the other day with a leaking container and Mark personally brought out 5-96 gallon toters for us to use and then hauled trash out of his pickup truck for 2 hours so our store was free of excess trash. Best of all Mark did not charge us a dime for that immediate after hours service. Mark has always responded promptly to every issue or concern we have had and corrected it immediately.

Mark has also been involved with charities that are dear to my family's heart which are Autism Speaks and Ronald McDonald House charities. Mark and his wife Lori have participated, volunteered or sponsored every event or function we have informed him of. He is personally very active in Ronald McDonald House Charities and is always asking how he can help more.

I strongly urge you to give Mark and his company a chance to look at your waste and recycling services because it requires no capital outlay and absolutely no risk. You will be very pleased with his results.

John DeCarrier
Solano-DeCarrier Management

I hired Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. for two reasons: 1) to save money on my municipal waste and recycling costs, and 2) to save my staff time and rid them of the hassle of internally managing this area. I liked the guaranteed of no savings no fee, approach. A truly risk free self-funded service.

The audit was detailed and accurate. I found the recommendations practical and durable and after my approval, the changes were promptly implemented. I would not have known about the service inefficiencies and options to save money with waste and recycling without their help and professionalism. As a result I'm now saving significantly from my previous solid waste expense. Working in a risk free manner with Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc._has allowed me to establish greater profits by reducing operating expenses. As promised, for the entire length of our agreement this area is monitored to ensure the standards are maintained, errors, overcharges, and price increases are corrected, and that the expected savings are being achieved.

So far this has been a positive working relationship and I'm happy to have Xtreme Environmental Solutions on our team. I highly recommend these services to all 0/0 looking to save time and money in today's economy.

Mark Freeman