Gas And Electricity Audit

1. Client Consultation & Needs Assessment

Most often, energy expenditures are among our clients' most substantial non-employee related expenses. That is why Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. takes great care to understand the details of our clients' goals and objectives for energy purchasing. This ensures that the procurement plan we develop is customized to our clients' specific operating requirement including budget risk-tolerance levels, budget-certainly requirements, overall financial needs and credit factors.

2. Energy Analysis

Once we understand our clients' business and procurement objectives, Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. performs an energy load analysis, evaluates supply and demand trends, and examines existing supplier contracts. Combined with an ongoing review of fundamental energy data, a contextual perspective of historical market movements, and an understanding of our clients' sensitivity to budgeting a customized procurement strategy is ready to be developed.

3. Strategy Formulation

At Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc., we believe that each business and its needs are unique. That is why we work and listen closely to our clients to ensure that we arrive at the energy procurement strategy that achieves their objectives. We use our insight to develop recommendations for short, medium & long-term price risk management strategies to meet both our clients' current and future energy needs.

4. Energy Procurement

Based on the agreed energy procurement strategy, Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. solicits offers from qualified energy suppliers to obtain the best rate, contract terms and conditions for our clients. We then prepare an unbiased and objective analysis clearly illustrating the financial and contractual differences among suppliers and their energy proposals.

When it comes to selecting a reliable energy supplier, matters can become particularly complicated. Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. monitors the long-term success and analyzes the viability of each energy supplier through its stringent due diligence process. This process encompasses a review of each company's financial history and stability, customer service timeliness, reporting processes and billing history. When an energy supplier is awarded a supply contract, Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. handles all paperwork and processing for a seamless transition to the winning supplier.

5. Ongoing Management & Monitoring

Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc.'s work is not over after an energy supply contract is signed. We continue to manage our clients' accounts, ensuring that invoices are correct and that the supply contract is meeting our clients' expectations. The cost of energy is affected by a number of factors that can change without notice such as regulatory and environmental developments, weather, and economic and political circumstances. We constantly track these market factors and we understand how each one may impact our clients' energy cost. Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc. keeps our clients informed so that when an opportunity presents itself our clients can reap the maximum benefits of changes in the energy marketplace.