If your company or its managers cannot answer the questions below, then your company may not be equipped to reduce your current solid waste and recycling expenses effectively.

  1. Does my company have greater leverage than a solid waste management consulting firm, with their nationwide coverage and access to information? Is there really any such thing as "national pricing leverage"?
  2. How long can I lock in prices for? How long should I lock in prices for?
  3. What is the waste vendor's profit margin?
  4. Can the waste vendor's "costs" (not price) be reduced? What can I do to reduce their "costs?" What are the primary components of their "costs"?
  5. Does bidding help us get the lowest price or does it just cost us money?
  6. What is going to happen to waste vendor prices in 6, 12, 24, and 36 months?
  7. How cost effective is my current waste and recycling equipment? Is it the right equipment? Should I buy or lease my equipment?
  8. Should I sign a waste vendor contract? What are advantages and disadvantages of waste vendor contracts?
  9. What leverage do I have in negotiating a waste vendor contract?
  10. What controls can assure me consistent, competitive waste vendor pricing over the long-haul?
  11. What pressures are the waste companies experiencing that may benefit me with respect to price, terms and duration?
  12. How do I verify the accuracy of a waste vendor invoice?
  13. What fees, taxes, tariffs and other charges am I really responsible for?
  14. What are my disposal options that the waste vendor will not disclose to me?
  15. Where is my waste and recycling material going? Where should it be going? Landfill? Incinerator? MRF/transfer station? RDF (refuse derived fuel)? C&D facility? Agricultural alternatives? Other local or long-distance options?
  16. What is the relationship between the waste vendor and the waste disposal facility, and how does this affect my waste expenses? How can I use this information to my benefit?
  17. How does the waste disposal market work? Can I take advantage of any spot markets?
  18. What is the anticipated local waste disposal capacity for the next 5, 10, 15, and 25+ years? How does this affect my options and waste vendor cost projections?
  19. What technologies would enhance the efficiency of my current waste disposal system?
  20. Are any components of my waste stream reusable items or recyclable commodities?
  21. By what criteria do I determine a waste vendor's capabilities? (price, service, maintenance, procedures, etc.)?