Who is Xtreme Environmental Solutions?

Who We Are

We are trained and certified solid waste management consultants.
We specialize in waste reduction and recycling implementation.
Xtreme ES is affiliated with Environmental Waste Solutions, LLC, the largest national waste management consulting firm in North America.
We are part of a National Network of over 670 EWS Affiliates.
We are not a waste hauling company, but rather a waste and recycling cost reduction company.
We are supported with the necessary tools and information to keep current on all waste-related issues and the latest technology and methods to reduce your waste and recycling expenses.
On average, we save our clients 35% off their total waste & recycling spending.

What We Do

Collect information relating to your current waste and recycling programs and associated expenses.
Analyze collected information and develop recommendations designed to reduce future waste and recycling expenses.
Present recommendations, along with the expected savings, for your review and approval.
Implement approved recommendations at your locations.
Provide ongoing monthly reports quantifying the savings generated.

Zero Waste Initiative

We are a waste and recycling consulting firm focusing on cost reduction with documented savings of 35-60% on all forms of refuse with a proven experience identifying and developing comprehensive strategies for capturing benefits in the areas of solid and liquid waste management, recycling, alternative energy and developing Zero waste initiatives naturally turning your facility into a truly Green environment.

Reasons to Hire Us Now

Hiring us require NO Funding, No Budgetary Review, No Capital Outlay, No Risk, and No Time
We're not adding to your project list- we're taking away from it. We do all the work and you simply enjoy the significant return of savings!
We are available now and ready to reduce your waste disposal & recycling expenses. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can let us do today.

Charities That I Am Involved With

Lions Club of West Chicago, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation for the work place committee at the Chicagoland Chamber of commerce, Energy and Sustainability Committee at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

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Xtreme Environmental Solutions, Inc., Waste Reduction, Recycle Service - Industrial, West Chicago, IL
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We Are a Certified Electronics
Recycler with the Illinois EPA