About The Owner

Mark Davis is CEO of Xtreme Environmental Solutions. Mark first started off his career as a Union Plumber at a very early age because his family owned a Plumbing Contracting Business. During his college years Mark worked full time in the plumbing business while going to school to be a Mechanical Engineer, which was always his father's dream, and at the end of his education changed focus to Fire Science Technology. Mark left the plumbing service and was hired on as a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic in a suburban town of Chicago. Mark maintained this path and worked part time as a Hazardous Materials Remediation Specialist which exposed him to all types of waste and hazardous materials. After 12 years in the field of Firefighting/Para-medicine and Hazardous Materials Remediation he decided that he wanted to take his knowledge elsewhere so Lori and Mark created a company to help make a difference in creating a greener environment. In June of 2007 Mark's wife, Lori Davis, developed a consulting firm that specializes in the management of waste and recycling programs for companies. They work with business of all sizes and industries to improve the inefficiencies associated with the operational waste stream and energy consumption. Mark has personally developed and trained sustainability experts to come in and focus on cost reduction on all forms of waste with a proven experience identifying and developing comprehensive strategies for capturing benefits in waste management, recycling, alternative energy and developing zero waste initiatives naturally turning facilities into a truly green environment. The end result is a reduction in costs, 40%-65%, and increased operational efficiencies while promoting sound sustainability practices and a greener environment. All this with absolutely no risk and no extra costs to the clients. His satisfied customers range from Parkway Realty, Car Dealerships, McDonald's to Oberweis Dairy.

In Mark's spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lori and 3 boys, family is very important to him. Mark volunteers his time for multiple charities and he sits on a committee board of the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Lori Davis

Lori Davis leads Xtreme Environmental Solutions as their President, specializing in waste reduction and recycle implementation. With a strong knowledge of both waste sustainability and zero waste initiatives, Lori has assisted many of Xtreme's clients in going green. Lori has spent the past 5 years dedicating her knowledge to assist Xtreme's clients in accomplishing their waste initiative goals. Prior to Xtreme, Lori was a hospital educator at Advocate Health Care for 7 years where she managed and set up operational procedures that increased efficiency and productivity. She also developed and evaluated mandatory competencies and training curriculums for all 9 Advocate hospitals. She led all hospitals as the chair person for the Educational Council and has worked with doctors, nurses and all non clinical staff in improving process and their ROI. It was in the healthcare industry that Lori became Lean Six Sigma certified and led many groups within the hospital using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability. Using this experience has proved to be valuable to Xtreme's success. Lori's passion throughout the years had always been researching global warming effects and recycle initiatives In 2007, Lori and her husband, Mark, decided to establish Xtreme Environmental Solutions. With her expertise in training, management and eliminating defects within a process and his experience in Hazardous materials, they proved to be a perfect team. Lori is happily married with 3 children. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family, 4-wheeling and volunteering. Lori is an active member in her community. She loves to volunteer for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Easter Seals and Special Olympics. She sits on the Citizens Advisory Committee School Board and is the PTO president at her local elementary school.